" A place of knowledge par excellence, the library designates perhaps less a material location than a particular dynamic and pragmatic: the process which leads to obtaining sense and knowledge from an accumulation of discrete objects [...]. The data base is a portable library, reproducible and mobile. "  CHRISTIAN JACOB

State of the art equipment


numerical scanner library microfilms

The reading room is equipped with four computers and several audio devices such as MP3. Luminous and comfortable, it constitutes ideal surroundings to work for researchers, students or those who are just curious.
The library also has a numerical scanner that can read and digitize microfilms. This digitalization allows for cleaning of texts that have been damaged or difficult to read, that are then conserved under digital format or printed.


une base de données sur mesure

The library uses the new information technologies to manage its document storage. An information base was specifically designed, in open-source, in order to respond to the specific needs of the documentary collection. It inventories and catalogues all the documents that the library possesses, as well as constitutes a knowledge base in which all the works are scrutinized, gone through for a maximum amount of information details.
The catalogues can then be generated by author, document title, theme, editor, etc. This specialized tool enables a more precise and complete research.


This data base is accessible on line on the internet site for the Dhagpo Kagyu library, so that students and researchers all around the world can use it. Visit the database tab.

Sponsorship file

dossier de mécénatDownload the entire sponsorship file for the Dhagpo Kagyu Library in PDF format