les locaux de l'InstitutDue to a lack of appropriate space, access to the Dhagpo Kagyu library remained limited for more than thirty years. The new space of 300 m² which has been reserved at the heart of the Institute provides a grand space to open to the public.

A new locale, functional and spacious


Situated in the heart of the Institute building, the room housing the documentary collection provides optimal preservation conditions: absence of sunlight, a constant temperature and guarded hygrometry. Access, reserved to the librarians, can be extended to individuals or groups on demand, notably within the framework of guided visits..

This 180 m² room will house books, microfilms, the digital scanner and the statue of the 16th Karmapa surrounded by the 316 volumes which compose the Tibetan canon. This Buddhist treasure was safeguarded due to the photomechanical reprinting organized under the guidance of the 16th Karmapa between 1976 and 1979.


With a surface area of 108 m² and great natural lighting, this room provides readers and researchers form all horizons a pleasant work and study space with large tables and comfortable armchairs. Reviews and computers are accessible. Internet access throughout the entire room.


This space reserved not only for librarians, but also translators and members of the proof-reading committee, facilitating team work.

la salle de lecture, rez-de-jardinReading room

Sponsorship file

dossier de mécénatDownload the entire sponsorship file for the Dhagpo Kagyu Library in PDF format